How We Serve
Through the Good Neighbor Program, we bridge the gap between demand and opportunity. Our staff is stationed on the property providing beneficial supportive services, we approach and facilitate services at every property with these key tasks:


Within the first 90 days of service, we survey the property and surrounding neighborhood. Surveys typically express resident concerns like matters of family, career, and wellness. Using that data, we forge commiserate community partnerships. 


Our staff understands that to keep growing attendance in our programs, we must continuously promote our events and classes. To create awareness, we use text messaging campaigns, on-site signage, calendars, emails, and newsletters. 


Programming is accessible to all residents. We build community through a host of on-site programs like after-school tutoring, food delivery and pantry stocking events, health fairs, parenting groups, and finance and trade classes. 


Our mission is to be the foundation that each resident needs to fulfill lifelong success. Therefore, we also administer one-on-one appointments to discuss specific disadvantages that a resident may need additional support to overcome. Our goal is to provide a safe space where essential needs are provided.