PRS Resident Service Coordinator Mentor Evan Henderson pictured with a member of the Sansom Park Police Department and an individual affiliated with our community partner the Bike Gangs of Fort Worth. 


How We Serve

Through the Good Neighbor Program, we bridge the gap between demand and opportunity. Our staff is stationed on the property providing direct assistance, relief, and resources to residents. However, we understand that no property is the same. The location, structure, and demographics of a property can alter the needs of residents. Therefore, to ensure we are providing beneficial supportive services, we approach and facilitate services at every property with these key tasks:

Assessment- Within the first 90 days of service, we survey the property and surrounding neighborhood.  We create electronic and paper questionnaires for the residents to complete so that they may express any concerns that they are facing. Generally, these include concerns with their family, career, and wellness. Our staff also scouts the neighborhood for resources and donations that coincide with the results of these assessments. 


Outreach- Our staff understands that to keep growing attendance in these programs to benefit more residents, we must continuously promote programming. It is important that every resident is aware of our presence and services. Resident outreach is completed by flyers, phone calls, door-to-door greetings, emailed newsletters, and text messaging systems.                                     

Programming- Our programming is structured to be easily accessible for residents to attend. We create a community by facilitating events such as after-school programs, onsite food pantries, health fairs, parenting classes, bingos, exercise classes, and more. We also bring our community partners onsite to administer and inform residents about their services- to again give residents that direct experience with beneficial resources.   


Support- Our mission is to be the foundation any resident needs to fulfill lifelong success. Therefore, we also administer one-on-one appointments to discuss specific disadvantages that a resident may be struggling to overcome. While onsite, our staff is always available to assist and follow-up with the resident’s essential needs. 


The Good Neighbor Program, will engage, inspire, and strengthen self-efficacy and establish determination.


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