Who We Serve

Our residents are single parents, working men and women, job seekers, independent seniors living at home,
and children and teens in need of positive mentorship. They are often people who are marginalized with limited opportunities due to age, disability, economic status, education levels, racial disparities, cultural differences, job availability, and more.


Aligned with our mission, we strive to help them overcome these obstacles, to raise their self-sufficiency and provide access to benefits, support, and services to improve their quality of life.

Our services are free, and participation is voluntary to all residents in the community. We work with a diverse group volunteers and community partners: non-profits, local businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies, national brands, and global corporations, each striving to provide the tools necessary to create opportunity and maximize human potential.

Staying true to our founders’ original mission, Portfolio Resident Services continues to be on the leading edge of innovative programs through the Good Neighbor Program, the name by which we operate onsite.  A monthly calendar of events is carried out by a professional Resident Services Coordinator.


We are uniquely positioned to provide creative, flexible, and scalable programming tailored for each community and its individual residents.  From our early foundations to our forward-thinking vision, PRS continues to serve with compassion, integrity, and proven experience.  We continue to be a voice for the cause of affordable housing in America, advocating for those who need it most. 

While carrying out our organizational mission to serve residents, positive outcomes add value to our clientele. We are champions in the field of compliance, helping our clients meet the legal requirements necessary to maintain a tax credit status.

We work together with state housing agencies to ensure our programming meets the standards put in place for each specific community. Another is that we improve a property’s financial performance in several ways such as increasing resident retention and decreasing delinquent rents.



Renowned Architects Focus On Affordable Housing

Image: Roldán + Berengué, arqts.

Torre Plaça Europa Tower, designed by Roldán + Berengué (2010), as an affordable housing property in Slovenia

Image: TETRAC architectes

Designed by TETRAC architects (2011)  and again by David Adjay Associates (2014) as an affordable housing property in Harlem, NYC.