Belinda Garza

Community Services Director

Currently serving as Community Services Director, Belinda Garza has been part of the Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) team since 2008. She has worked in the nonprofit sector the majority of her career, gaining 20 years of experience during her previous job as director for another Houston-area organization.

While she has always loved her work, Belinda knew that if she ever left her former position, it would be to join PRS. When a position as a Resident Services Coordinator opened up, she quickly rose through the ranks, allowing her the opportunity to wear many different hats and connect with multiple facets of the organization.

Belinda oversees developments in Remote Region-East (South, West and East Texas), as well as five states outside of Texas. She speaks of her job as a labor of love and is extremely passionate about the PRS mission to empower the residents and locations they serve. Giving back to the community has always been important to Belinda. Her work excites her, and the fulfillment she gains makes each day worthwhile.

PRS has grown exponentially in recent years, and Belinda is proud to play a role in its expansion, stepping up to the plate to help ensure client expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Another of Belinda’s favorite accomplishments is her 40+ year marriage, which she says has been a “wonderful ride.” She and her husband are pet advocates, providing a loving home for numerous dogs and cats, and even a goat named Gertrude.

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