What We Do

Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to improve quality of life and offer opportunity and empowerment for individuals, families, and senior citizens within the affordable housing developments we serve. We provide CORES-certified supportive services in specific categories in order for clients to achieve state agency compliance, including programs that elevate knowledge and marketable skills, enhance a healthy lifestyle, and lift families up, encouraging collaboration and building community along the way.

The services we provide are free, and participation is voluntary to all residents in the community. We work with a diverse group of volunteers and community partners, including nonprofits, local businesses and global corporations, each striving to provide the tools necessary to create opportunity and maximize potential.

Staying true to our founders’ original mission, Portfolio Resident Services continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation through the Good Neighbor Program, the name by which we operate onsite. A monthly calendar of events is carried out by a professional Resident Services Coordinator.

PRS is uniquely positioned to provide creative, flexible, and scalable programming tailored to uplift each community and its individual residents. From our early foundations to our progressive vision, PRS continues to serve with compassion, integrity, and experience.


To build community and enhance lives by providing customized, state-compliant supportive service plans for affordable housing residents nationwide.


To uplift and empower communities through service, advocacy and collaboration, encouraging growth, connection and progress on both local and national levels.




Our Story

In 1966, nine visionaries came together to create Houston Interfaith, a unique group that was non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian. They were united for the single purpose of addressing inequality by making adequate housing available. Early on, this group recognized that “housing” meant much more than simply a building; it was an inclusive term encompassing a network of related social services concerned with the total human needs of the residents. As the need for supportive services grew, our reach extended beyond Houston as the coalition continued to address the critical housing shortage and engage residents living in attainable housing communities. We answered the call with the creation of Texas Inter-Faith Supportive Services. In 2009, we expanded nationwide and became Portfolio Resident Services.

Today, PRS is a member of the Inter-Faith Group, a nonprofit coalition focused on all aspects of housing, including real estate development, management, and resident services. With operations in more than 330 communities across the country, PRS is the nation’s largest third-party nonprofit resident services provider. Through our Good Neighbor Program, we partner with diverse clients to service any community in need of resident programs.

Our Team

Ellie Fanning

Executive Director

As Executive Director of Portfolio Resident Services (PRS), now the largest, self- sustaining, third-party non-profit resident services provider in the nation, Ellie M.C. Fanning is a dynamic leader and passionate advocate for affordable housing across the country.

Dr. Cyrus Martin

Sr. Director of Operations

As Senior Director of Operations at Portfolio Resident Services (PRS), Cyrus Martin works to develop and implement tools to help optimize systems and evaluate programming in order to best serve clients and residents, as well as…

Melinda Frazer
Sr. Director of Business Development

As Senior Director of Business Development for Portfolio Resident Services (PRS), Melinda Frazer is responsible for client acquisition and retention, always upholding the company’s mission to provide opportunity and empowerment for attainable housing residents nationwide. In addition to her role at PRS…

Lisa A. Hess

Senior Director of Administration

Lisa Hess joined Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) in 2009 and currently serves as Senior Director of Administration with oversight of the Accounting and Human Resources departments.

Nancy Salazar

Director of Human Resources

With over 17 years of professional experience, Nancy has a deep-seated passion for helping others and making a positive impact in their lives. She began her career as a Customer Service/Sales Representative, a role she held for two years before pivoting to Human Resources—a transition fueled by her passion for employee advocacy. For the next four years, she honed her skills as a Payroll Coordinator and Human Resources Assistant, where she was instrumental in streamlining internal processes and improving employee relations.

Kendrell Washington

Director of Business Development

Kendrell Washington has been part of Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) since 2014. Currently serving as Director of Business Development, Kendrell describes his role as helping the organization grow and serve affordable housing developments throughout the country, keeping clients informed of the incredible work by the operations team along the way.

Deloren Maier

Director of Compliance

In 2013, Deloren Maier joined the Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) team as a Resident Service Coordinator, facilitating supportive programming at communities for families and seniors. Later, she spent time as a Regional Coordinator and Associate Director, eventually becoming responsible for the development of the company’s compliance department, for which she now serves as director.

Nicole Tuscano

Community Services Director

Nicole Toscano has been a part of the Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) team since 2013, contributing her passion for life and her commitment to fostering connections within the community. During her tenure, she has taken on various roles relating to field operations, beginning as a Resident Services Coordinator and now proudly serving as the Director of Community Services for the Dallas-Fort Worth West region.

Belinda Garza

Community Services Director

Currently serving as Community Services Director, Belinda Garza has been part of the Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) team since 2008. She has worked in the nonprofit sector the majority of her career, gaining 20 years of experience during her previous job as director for another Houston-area organization.

Yolanda Pickney

Community Services Director

As Community Services Director for the North Houston area, Yolanda Pickney describes her role at Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) as more “behind the scenes,” offering support and direction to help her team serve their communities to the best of their ability.

David Kennard

Community Services Director

David Kennard has been a member of Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) since 2016 and currently serves as Community Services Director for the Houston South region. David oversees a team of regional and on-site service coordinators to offer support and help maximize their talents, continuing to spread the message that serving others comes first.

Teresa Mitchell

Community Services Director

As a Community Services Director for Portfolio Resident Services (PRS), Teresa Mitchell oversees the Dallas-Fort Worth East region by helping to ensure community residents are empowered to live successful lives, and that the team members she manages remain present and engaged to continue achieving the PRS mission.

Tracey Gosser

Community Services Director

Currently serving as Community Services Director for the Remote West region and Regional Coordinator for Northwest Texas, Tracey Gosser has been part of Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) since 2019.

Jason Ouellette

Community Services Director

As Community Services Director for the Austin and San Antonio regions at Portfolio Resident Services (PRS), Jason Ouellette works to serve the company’s service coordinators and clients, continuing to cultivate a positive impact in the lives of residents.

Board of Directors- Gloria Sanderson, Dean O’Kelly, Mike Clark, Casey Carson, Darlene Guidry, Marvin Spivey

The Inter-Faith Group (IFG) is an alliance of independently-operated nonprofits, including real estate development, housing management and resident services, which is where PRS comes in. Together as industry allies, we strive to create quality attainable housing that empowers people worldwide by providing the leadership to assist and improve low to moderate-income communities and the lives of the seniors, veterans, families, and children who call them home.

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