Teresa Mitchell

Community Services Director

As a Community Services Director for Portfolio Resident Services (PRS), Teresa Mitchell oversees the Dallas-Fort Worth East region by helping to ensure community residents are empowered to live successful lives, and that the team members she manages remain present and engaged to continue achieving the PRS mission.

In addition to her director role, Teresa has also served as a resident services coordinator and regional coordinator. She appreciates the opportunity to be the “boots on the ground” for a time to understand directly the impact PRS can have on a community. She notes that connecting with residents and providing them with the resources they need is a labor of love, and recalls a particularly memorable opportunity to connect a senior, who had only one package of pasta, a sleeve of crackers and $2 in her bank account, with Meals on Wheels services, instilling hope while relieving hunger.

Teresa has always had a passion for giving back to her community. As a single mom who had recently experienced a family tragedy, graduating with her Bachelor’s in Community, Family and Addiction Services is one of her proudest moments. Since then, she has also received her Master’s Degree in Human Services Administration.

Despite her education, Teresa also gained a wide range of skills outside the nonprofit sector. Before joining PRS, she spent 12 years working in records and information management, eventually serving as department head for a well-respected company. She also has experience managing and mentoring team members, and spent several years serving in local government.

All this knowledge and experience seemed to combine perfectly for Teresa’s career at PRS. As someone who has experienced firsthand how community resources can provide a leg up for those who need it, she is thrilled to be doing what she’s most passionate about, which is helping and empowering others to live happy, successful lives.

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