Tracey Gosser

Community Services Director - Remote West

Currently serving as Community Services Director for the Remote West region and Regional Coordinator for Northwest Texas, Tracey Gosser has been part of Portfolio Resident Services (PRS) since 2019. As a director, she mentors and supervises a team of coordinators to ensure community programs go smoothly and meet each development’s unique needs.

Helping others has always been in the cards for Tracey. She spent more than 15 years volunteering for organizations ranging from Girl Scouts of America to Interim Healthcare’s Hospice Patient Companion program. Her internships included the Agape Network, a peer-to-peer resource center offering recovery and mental health-based education; the suicide prevention line at Veteran Affairs; and the Safe Place Program at Catholic Charities, a hotline and resource for youth in crisis. As a former U.S. Army spouse, she also spent several years supporting other families through the adversity that Army life can bring by being an active member of each station’s Family Readiness Program.

Tracey received her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Social Work from West Texas A&M University, focusing on communities and homelessness during the latter. While in school, she joined the PRS team as a Resident Services Coordinator and fell in love with the organization’s mission. 

Tracey enjoys being able to combine her skills and education to not only pursue her passion of building communities, but help others grow along the way. She loves seeing communities come together and support each other: Neighbors helping neighbors, children graduating with honors with the help of a tutoring program — these moments bring her joy and illustrate the true impact of PRS.

In addition to her own growth from coordinator to director, Tracey finds pride in her ability to jump in and assist when a community is struggling. She loves to direct her passion towards developing customized programming and completing outreach that empowers residents, as well as helping to support and develop on-site staff members who can really make these programs shine.

In her free time, Tracey is one step away from completing her Master of Social Work License. She is an avid reader and writer, and she enjoys playing RPGs (role-playing games) because of their ability to spark creativity and bring people together.

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